Getting Startted

Goal of the Advanced Tutorial

Be Professional

Learning Materials

  1. Tutorial

  2. Teaching Videos (mirror: **Youku Link)

  3. Teaching PPT (view PDFs on-line only, not downloadable)

  4. ****Github for students (shared code and documents)

Table of Content

I. Basic Skills

  1. Setup - How to do jobs efficiently and reproducibly

  2. Linux - How to work with command lines

  3. Bash (and Github) - How to set up multiple jobs as a pipeline

  4. R - How to make professional and beautiful plots

  5. Perl/Python - How to program for bioinformatics

II. Basic Bioinfo Analyses

  1. Basic: Mapping, Annotation and QC

  2. Basic: Expression Matrix

  3. Basic: Differential Expression Analysis

  4. Advanced: Normalization

  5. Advanced: Control Data

  6. Advanced: Motif and Structure

III. Advanced Bioinfo Analyses

  1. Machine Learning Basics - How to train and test

  2. Feature Selection - How to find meaningful feature

  3. Deep Learning Basics - one step to AI

Virtual Machines

All code has been tested in cnode @ Lu Lab. We would also provide a Linux docker for our advanced tutorial in the future.


a) Introduce training on github



b) More videos